THINKLoc for

THINKLoc UWB-based localization engine

How Does it Work

UWB-based positioning algorithm which can be plugged into Digital Key solutions, to locate the phone key or key fob accurately for advanced keyless entry systems.

Plug and Play

Plug-n-play solution that enable easy integration on different platforms and for different anchor modules/antenna


High accuracy with low latency

Maximum Precession

Blindspot and non-LOC handling with predictive extrapolation

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THINKLoc’s product innovations in key areas:


THINKLoc SDK is a standalone localization engine that enables Passive Entry Passive Start feature in cars, by seamlessly plugging into any Digital Key Framework implementaton. Advanced algorithms are used in the SDK to fuse UWB range data from multiple UWB modules in the car to precisely localize the Smart Phone with respect to the Car even in adverse conditions.

Industry Leading Differentiation

Discover the features and benefits that distinguish THINKLok from the competition

Back-Pocket Handling

Optimized for convenient use and accessibility.

UWB Expertise

Leveraging extensive knowledge in UWB ranging on CCC/FiRA MAC.

Modular Design

Featuring a modular architecture for easy porting and reuse across various platforms.

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