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Smartphone Mirroring and Media solutions for Automotive

How Does it Work

Our plug-n-play SDKs and certification-ready Apps for phone mirroring and multimedia features enable the OEM/Tier-1 to quickly integrate, certify and deploy popular IVI features such as Apple CarPlay, Google Android Auto, Mediastreaming, etc.

Plug and Play

Plug-n-play solution that enable easy integration on Android, Linux & RTOS


Customization available for two-wheelers


Years of experience in driving Apple/Google certification for production programmes

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Infotainment solutions key offerings


Our easy-to-integrate stacks/SDKs along with a business-logic application enables the Tier-1/OEM to add Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto features on their IVI. We also offer solutions for Media (iPod, MTP, RSE, streaming), as well as other services such as App Store, OTA Software Update, etc.

Four-wheeler Offerings

We work with four-wheeler OEMs/Tier-1’s from the start of the projects, reviewing the system requirements, feasibility analysis, technical support for certification application, etc. During development, we port our stacks and own full vertical integration of projection/media related features. We drive the Apple/Google certification certification by testing, triaging and defect fixing, and help customers meet their SOP and certification timelines.

Two-wheeler Offerings

We offer trimmed-down or customized versions of the four-wheeler projection/media solutions to suit the growing two-wheeler market requirements.

Industry Leading Differentiation

Explore the unique aspects that set our solutions apart.

Modular Design

Features a highly modular and plug-n-play architecture.


Applications designed for Android and ported to Linux.

Reusable SDK

Stack/SDK is reusable across both Android and Linux.

Modern Codebase

No legacy code or design baggage.

Media Expertise

Skilled in debugging audio/video platform issues.

Connection Management

Core expertise in device connection management solutions.

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