THINKey for

End to End Solution for Seamless, Hassle Free and Secure access of Car using Smart Phone

How Does it Work

THINKey transforms your smartphone into a secure digital key with easy setup and management, allowing you to lock, unlock, and start your vehicle effortlessly.

Maximum Security

Smart Car Access Security Architecture: A Holistic End-to-End Framework Based on a very robust End to End Security Architecture using Secure Enclaves in Phone, Vehicle and Cloud.

Maximum Compliance

In line with the Car Connectivity Consortium Digital Key Standard (Open Standard)

Maximum Precision

Leveraging UWB Localization to Provide Secure and Precise Phone Positioning to Prevent Relay Attacks

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THINKey’s product innovations in key areas:


The THINKey solution and its architecture can be explained as a comprehensive key management system that consists of three components: Vehicle, Cloud, and Phone. The Vehicle component includes a Digital Key Framework Stack and Localization algorithm, the Cloud component provides Dockerized Cloud Services for Key Management, Key Tracking, and Key Sharing with the Key Tracking Server, and the Phone component includes a Digital Key Framework and OEM App for Phone, available on Android and iOS platforms. Together, these components offer a complete solution for secure and customizable key management to achieve


THINKey Vehicle Stack is a modular and scalable stack based on CCC 3.0, providing automotive makers with a flexible and adaptable solution. It is performance-optimized for reliable access, with support for door lock/unlock, engine start, and passive entry. Key Features offered by the stack include dynamic pairing of phone to owner in field, secure multi-node ranging, secure authentication, and seamless Friend Key sharing. THINKey Vehicle Stack has a central component running the Core Digital Key Stack and peripheral THINKey Clients running on peripheral Anchor and Nodes


THINKey Phone Stack is a digital key framework stack designed for secure car access on both Android and iOS devices. The stack is adaptable to both key fob and proprietary solutions, offering flexibility to meet various requirements. It also offers support for multiple transport protocols, including BLE, UWB, and NFC, ensuring reliable and secure communication between the phone and the vehicle.

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THINKey Cloud-based services for Key Management, Key Tracking, and Key Sharing are containerized using Docker and designed to meet CCC regulations. The Key Tracking Server is responsible for securely storing keys while ensuring privacy requirements are met. Overall, THINKey Cloud Stack offers a comprehensive solution for digital key management and tracking in compliance with industry standards.

Industry Leading Differentiation

The key features and benefits that set THINKey apart from the competition.


Adheres to CCC standards for digital key solutions.


Offers well-defined APIs for easy configuration and customization per OEM requirements.

Quick Integration

Provides a product-ready solution with minimal integration required for rapid time-to-market.

Quality and Safety

Developed with stringent automotive quality and safety processes.

Platform Agnostic

Features abstraction layers for hardware, OS, and cloud infrastructure, compatible with all leading automotive platforms.

Versatile Use Cases

Supports various automotive access control scenarios, including fleet, passenger vehicles, and autonomous taxis.

Production Ready

Fully prepared for immediate deployment.


Designed for scalability and adaptability to new features in the future.

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